MSG Junior Football League has finished the 8th week of the competition last Saturday (November 5, 2011). On this decisive week for most contestants many gripping games took place on the football field. Participants and supporters were also getting more enthusiasts. Many of them came to support their school team and also keenly opened their Facebook account and gave ‘LIKE’ vote for the MSG Junior Football League’s FB page. Update news, Schedule information and competition photos are all available for public at this account.

In group A this week several teams were able to snatch big win and one of them is SMP Lab School Kebayoran when they played again SMP Percik which ended with final score 11-0.  On the other game in group A SMP Yapenka won with 8 goals against SMP PSKD 4. On the other hand in group A there were also some matches that have been won without a fight. SMP Muhammadiyah won in Walk Out decision against SMP Yasporbi 1 which could not come as schedule because of school’s important agenda. At the end of 8th week the first position in group A’s standing still belong to SMP Yapenka which was followed by Muhammadiyah 8 and Lab school at the 3rd position.

Meanwhile in group B an interesting game happened between SMP 11 which is the current group leader and SMP 19 the runner up. SMP 11 although has been left behind a goal finally able to win the game with 2 goals (2-1). The match between SMP Al Izhar and SMP Sumbangsih supposed to be an interesting match to watch however Unsportsmanlike conduct showed by Sumbangsih’s players during the game has taunted the competition. Untill the 8th week the first position in group B still owned by SMP 11. SMP Al Izhar has moved up to 2nd position and SMP 19 had to be satisfied with the 3rd position.

The following weeks of the competition will be more interesting to follow because several teams in group B are still hoping to grab the 3rd position and make them advance to the quarter final round.  Moreover during the quarterfinal until final week the committee has been preparing several interesting activities. There will be coaching clinics by freestyle football experts, coaching clinic by national team’s players, and at the final week the championship crowning will be held at Waterbom Jakarta water park.


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