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3 November 2011


MSG Junior Football League has entered the final weeks of this year competition. All of the contestants were competing to give their best performances in order to qualify into the next round by becoming the group’s champion, runner-up and second runner-up. Unfortunately there were 3 walk out matches during the 7th week of the competition. This was an unavoidable situation due to schools’ demanding agendas that overlapped with MSG-JUFO fixtures. Nevertheless the teams’ officials have confirmed in advance of their nonappearance.

Week 7 of the competition ran very well despite it was being held simultaneously in 2 different venues. Some of the results from last Saturday were unlike many people might have predict. Just like what had happened in group A. SMP Fransicus asisi, the 6th rank last week, successfully defeated one of the favorite team SMP Lab School, the second runner up of the group, with a quick goal. SMP Don Bosco Pulomas, no 5 in the competition standing, successfully forced a draw result with SMP Al Azhar Pusat even though they were left behind by 3 gol at the beginning of the second period. Finally, SMP Yapenka has swapped position with SMP Muhammadiyah 8 after they conquered this formerly unbeaten team with final score 2-0.

Going to group B, the  match between SMP Muhammadiyah 9 and SMP Cendrawasih ended with a win for Muhammadiyah 9 (3-1). SMP 29 has ended SMP Al Ikhlas fight with a 2-0 win. Meanwhile at the other games were ended with Walk Out decision because SMP Sumbangsih, SMP 216, and SMP 115 didn’t show up at the field. The competition rules stated that a final score of 3-0 will be given to the team that come and will be given a full 5 point. The team that loss will receive 0 point.

Organizers MSG Junior Football League is very confident that this competition will provide an opportunity for the football talents in Junior High School to channel their passion and his hobby in football. Furthermore through the competition we also can see the emergence of young seedlings for the benefit of future national team.


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