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19 Oktober 2011


Week 5 of MSG Junior Football League proved to be a crucial week for some teams that compete in this league. We witnessed up and down movement at the competition’s standing for group A and group B. From group A, SMP Muhammadiyah 8 still firmly hold the top of the table. Meanwhile, SMP Al-Azhar Pusat, which last week was the runner up, this week they must content with the fourth position.

SMP Al Azhar Pusat’s football team lost in a very close game to SMP Lab School Kebayoran. It was Lab School’s Kurniawan who made the first and the only goal of the game from a long distance kick. Al Azhar player energetically fight back and produces so many opportunities that tested Lab School’s defenses.  Unfortunately some of the shoots hit the  bar.  One Al Azhar’s striker almost brought the game into a draw when He had a chance to strike into an empty goal but unfortunately He shot it widely. Overall it was  an exciting and thrilling match.

The most surprising fact from Group A was SMP Yapenka progress. Last week they were still at the fourth position and this week was able to grab the runner up position from both SMP AL Azhar and SMP Lab School after heavily defeat SMP Franciscus Assisi with a final score 6-1. At this match Fatwa Arya from Yapenka was able to produce 5 goals that also broke the tournament record.

In the meantime, at group B SMP 11 still the strongest team so far with 5 wins out of 5 games (100%) and still maintain the highest position. SMP 19 also able to consistently producing winning matches and secured their position at the runner up of the group standing.  SMP Al Izhar Pondok Labu almost became the next victim of SMP “The Silencer” Cendrawasih which lately known to hold several strong team into a draw.  Luckily the opponent missed a penalty kick so Al Izhar won the game (1-0) and  still maintained their status as the most improved teams that ready to take away the last three team slots for the Quaterfinal round.  Finally, a comeback also has been produced by SMP 29 by beating SMP Sumbangsih with 6-2 score and by this result the team return from 6th position last week to 4th position.

Focusing on the referee team’s performance which last week slightly underperforms, this week they showed an improved result and even produce some decisions that received applause from the audiences. We also recorded no protest from any team regarding the referee decision during the fifth week.

Entering the 6th week, MSG committee has come up with an idea to liven up the competition in particular to entice the students to come up to the field and give their support for their school teams. The committee has launched a ‘Fair Play’ Photo Contest in which everyone who has a digital camera or cell phone with a camera and has a good eye at catching a ‘Fair Play Moment’ can emailed their picture and will receive ‘Like’ votes in MSG Junior Football League Facebook’s  Fans Page from their peers . Those who will receive the most votes will have a chance to win interesting rewards such as a Football Jersey signed by RIO FERDINAND from Manchester United.

This Saturday (6th week) MSG Junior Football League will have ten more games and will be held on October 29, 2011 from 7 AM to 5 PM at Al Azhar Sport Complex. This week will be the last week of the competition at this venue. Starting the 7th week, the competition will move its home base to Al Izhar Pondok Labu’s sport complex.

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19 Oktober 2011


19 Oktober 2011


19 Oktober 2011


19 Oktober 2011