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12 Oktober 2011

MSG JFL 2011 Week 4 Review

MSG Junior Football League week four, which still being held in Al-Azhar’s sport complex, went quite well despite the rain that came in the morning while the committee had been preparing for the first game.

In week four we witnessed a ‘big-match’ between Al-Azhar (group A leader) and Muhammadiyah 8 (group A runner-up). The match was won by Muhammadiyah 8 by a single goal. The game atmosphere was quite tense with Al-Azhar’s supporters vigorously voiced their yells. But at the end, the game still ran well in accordance with the existing regulations.

With the victory, Muhammadiyah 8 has solidified its position at the top of group A. Meanwhile, Al-Azhar with its first loss this season has to admit the runner up position for a while. However, they are also closely followed by Labschool Kebayoran by goal difference. This coming week we will see the latter teams meet up for the first time, another big-match that hopefully will produce a clean and spectacular performance.

Speaking of group B, SMP 11 ,through a narrow win against SMP 29 (1-0),  successfully maintained its perfect winning record and its leadership at  group B. Meanwhile, for the runner up position and below there has been significant shift with SMP 19 has taken over the runner up position from SMP 29 and SMP Muhammadiyah 9 moved up from 7th place to the third position.

This week also has witnessed the rise of SMP AL Izhar Pondok Labu into a phenomenal team. It was not only because of their new and refreshing black and green jersey, but also because of their slowly but sure transformation into a team that could challenge SMP 11. October 22nd (week 6) will become the ultimate battleground to prove their true significance when Al Izhar will finally face the group leader.

The MSG Junior Football League’s group qualification stage will continue to run for the next 5 weeks. So there are still lots of opportunities for other teams to produce better result and to take the three spots available for the quarter final round. As an information, the winners of MSG Junior Football League 2011 will receive a prize money of  Rp 10.000.000 ,as a team development fund, and will be delivered directly by Mr. Mulyawan Munial, the CEO of Munial Sport Group (MSG).

MSG Junior Football League appreciatively thanks the sponsors who tirelessly provides support in the effort to promote sport back into an important part of school education. Sponsors who participates are as follows TV One, Tabloid Bola, Sorlex Muscle Pain Reliever,, Power Balance, Antv, Specs, Cimory Milk & Yoghurt, Student Globe, Nestle Pure Life, Berita Satu and WaterBom Jakarta.

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12 Oktober 2011

I Love My Team (SMP 19)

12 Oktober 2011

I Love My Team (Lab School Kebayoran)

12 Oktober 2011

I Love My Team (Perguruan Cikini)

12 Oktober 2011

I Love My Team (Al Izhar Pondok Labu)