MSG JFL 2011 Week 3 Review

Munial Sport Junior Football League Group (MSG JFL) 2011 has completed the 3rd week of the competition and was followed by 20 junior high school teams.  The competition can be run because of the kind support from the sponsors including Tabloid Bola, Cimory, Student Globe, Specs, Waterbom Jakarta, Viva Group, Nestle Pure Life, Power Balance and Sorlex. We greatly appreciate the sponsor’s attention to bring back football into education world through MSG Junior Football League competition.

On the third week there have been many surprising movement in the competition’s standing in particular at the group B. At the Group A, the leader board was taken over by SMP Al-Azhar Pusat after they overwhelming SMP Yasporbi 1 with final score 12-1. It was followed by SMP Muhammadiyah 8 at the second place and SMP Labschool Kebayoran at the third position. Meanwhile, at the group B the first up to the third spots are still being hold by the favorites team which are SMP 11, SMP 29 and SMP 19 respectively.

Febri I.P. from SMP Al Azhar Pusat  has contributed four goals and orchestrated the school team into a 12-1 landside win over SMP Yasporbi 1. Those goals simultaneously established him at the highest rank of the top scorer list with 7 goals so far. A fantastic score has also been produced by SMP Muhammadiyah 8 when they faced SMP Perguruan Cikini that ended with 9-0 final result.

MSG Junior Football League 2011 will resume again the competition on Saturday October 8, 2011 at Al Azhar Pusat sport complex. SMP AL Azhar Pusat will continue hosting the competition up until the 6th weeks and will be proceed at Al-Izhar Pondok Labu’s sport complex for the following weeks until the December 3rd, 2011. In the upcoming fourth week there will be a lot of exciting games where every team that compete will try to improve their team overall position at the league chart.

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